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Arterial Variations in Humans Key Reference for Radiologists and Surgeons 1st/2017

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<ul> <li>&nbsp;Coverage of arterial variations in the head, neck, spine, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, and upper and lower extremities with separate chapters devoted to each major artery</li> <li>Clearly drawn schematic outlines and their correlating high-quality radiological scans-more than 900 illustrations in total-highlight arterial variations</li> <li>Images of the "normal" arterial anatomy as described in standard textbooks are provided for side-by-side comparison with the arterial variation</li> <li>Percentages for the frequency of occurrence of arterial variations with references to the source of the data</li> <li>Concise and lucid descriptions in each chapter facilitate complete comprehension of normal and abnormal vascular anatomy</li> </ul>

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