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Bailey's Head and Neck Surgery Otolaryngology 5th/2013 (2 vols. Set)

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<p>&nbsp;</p> <p style="font-size: 13px;"><u><strong>Description</strong></u></p> <p style="font-size: 13px;">Completely revised, this fifth edition of Bailey’s&nbsp;Head and Neck Surgery – Otolaryngology&nbsp;offers the most current and useful evidence-based information available for the practicing&nbsp;<span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-lang="en_US" data-scayt-word="otolaryngologist" style="background-image: url(&quot;waveline.gif&quot;);">otolaryngologist</span>&nbsp;and otolaryngology resident.Written to increase the reader’s understanding, retention, and ability to successfully apply the information learned, this easy-to-read text contains concise, practical content on all areas of head and neck surgery in Otolaryngology.<br /> With 207 concise chapters, over 3,000 four-color illustrations, helpful summary tables, and supplemental video segments everything about this two-volume reference is designed to enhance the learning experience.&nbsp;</p> <div style="font-size: 13px;"><u><strong>KEY FEATURES</strong></u><br /> * Contemporary Issues in Medical Practice<br /> * Preferred treatment sections<br /> *&nbsp;Pearls and pitfalls in all treatment sections<br /> * Airway, Swallowing, and Voice content all in one Section:&nbsp;<span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-lang="en_US" data-scayt-word="Laryngology" style="background-image: url(&quot;waveline.gif&quot;);">Laryngology</span><br /> * Section on Sleep Medicine&nbsp;</div>

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