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Key Clinical Topics in Critical Care 1st/2013

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<p>Key Clinical Topics in Critical Care offers an indispensable and practical guide for exam revision and clinical practice. Written and edited by specialists with a wealth of clinical experience, this book provides rapid access to core topics in critical care. Each topic is written in a concise and easy-to-digest format, making this book the essential resource for exam revision and quick reference at the point of care. * Over 100 topics presented in alpha order, from acute coronary syndrome to weaning from ventilation * Succinct coverage of clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and complications * Effective exam revision for <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="FRCA">FRCA</span>, <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="FFICM">FFICM</span> and <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="EDIC">EDIC</span> candidates * Includes clinical photos and diagrams to improve understanding of key concepts * Contributions from experienced specialists to <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-lang="en_US" data-scayt-word="ensure">ensure</span> authoritative, accurate content</p>

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