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Embalming 1st/2009

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<p>The leading text endorsed by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (<span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="ABFSE">ABFSE</span>). Covers the history, environment of embalming, chemicals and methods, and specific techniques and treatments based on bodily conditions. The third edition reflects updated OSHA standards and infection control guidelines, with new chapters on preparation rooms, instruments, and long-term preservation.This book also provides a very good section on restorative art. What I like about this section is the step-by-step instructions for performing deep-cavity restorations and treating discoloration of skin conditions, tissue building, treating swelling, and suggestions for the application of cosmetics. Also included in Embalming History, Theory, and Practice are brief but interesting chapters on the history of embalming and restorative art. Although these chapters will not improve your embalming, they can prove useful as you prepare a public talk on the history of our profession. Based upon my experience, I have found that the public enjoys talks that include the more interesting aspects of our history.The final chapter offers a compilation of 23 selected readings on different aspects of embalming, in which Mayer brings in professionals other than himself to discuss topics that are relevant and interesting to current practitioners.</p>

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