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Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1st/2014

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<p>• Touches almost every aspect of oral and <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="maxillofacial">maxillofacial</span> surgery and also gives an equal <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="weightage">weightage</span> to basic concepts like basic principles of surgery, fluid and electrolyte balance, <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="parenteral">parenteral</span> therapy, shock and biomedical waste management.&nbsp;<br /> • Compiles all the basic knowledge, evidenced-based information, explanations thereof and words of wisdom that the authors have gained from their long experience.&nbsp;<br /> • Emphasis on basics and reasoning for better understanding.&nbsp;<br /> • Comprehensive coverage of pathologies, <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="craniofacial">craniofacial</span> trauma, <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="precancer">precancer</span> and cancer, <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="orthognathic">orthognathic</span> surgery and distractions, cleft lip and palate, <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="TMJ" data-wsc-lang="en_US">TMJ</span> disorders, salivary gland pathologies, and maxillary sinus.&nbsp;<br /> • Text enriched with illustrative clinical photographs, radiographic images, flow charts, text boxes and tables for better understanding.&nbsp;<br /> • Helpful to the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of oral and <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="maxillofacial">maxillofacial</span> surgery, otolaryngology, and plastic surgery.&nbsp;<br /> • Evidence-based information, words of wisdom and practical tips for beginners.</p>

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