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Textbook of Gynecology for Nurses

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<p>· Comprehensive clinical reference designed for students and nurses of various levels in the hospitals and community settings. ·Provides information regarding gynecological disorders/problems, diagnostic investigations and treatment modalities. ·Each disorder/problem is formatted consistently for access to vital information on- Disease <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-lang="en_US" data-scayt-word="Etiological">Etiological</span> factors and risk factors Clinical manifestations Assessment and diagnostic methods Prevention and its medical and surgical management Discusses nursing management according to the nursing process and nursing care plans. <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="·Emphasises" data-wsc-lang="en_US">·Emphasises</span> on home and community-based nursing practice, patient education and application of nursing process.</p>

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