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Illustrative Video Manual Of Echocardiography 2nd/2019 (Part II)

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<p>ABOUT THE BOOK</p><ul><li>Various topics in echocardiography have been addressed in this manual in such a concise and lucid manner. The theoretical information is combined with stunning images; clear video clips and illustrated animations. It has been added with information on guidelines and meaningful insights into therapy. New guidelines of 2016 and 2017 of the American Society of Echocardiography have been incorporated in the book. The video manual will facilitate the physician’s task by making available at a glance most of the necessary information and knowledge about the subject that otherwise lies scattered and demands strenuous and time-consuming effort.</li><li>A concise, yet practical style for learning echocardiography, and an ideal companion for the echocardiographers.</li><li>Includes all the new and updated guidelines in echocardiography such as chamber quantification, valvular heart disease assessment. etc., in accordance with the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE).</li><li>Presents all the topics point-wise in an audio-visual manner, with suitable boxes, tables and diagrams to facilitate easy understanding.</li><li>Incorporates the fundamental techniques of echocardiography.</li><li>An easily accessible tool to recapitulate echo techniques prior to attending teaching courses, workshops or conferences on echocardiography.</li><li>Useful for practicing physicians and students of medicine, cardiology and radiology, who can learn &amp;#39;on the go; at their convenience and leisure.</li></ul>

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